HeartsThe term Psychic advisor is more frequently used now to describe clairvoyants or psychics who advise on folk’s lives. The term clairvoyant means literally to “see clearly” and the term psychic which has come in more common usage means to foresee the future. However, clairvoyance is an art and not a science. The intuitive feelings that a psychic, medium or clairvoyant gets are not concrete images. They are not subject to scientific laws. However, normally folk want to be guided in their life rather than told exactly what to do. Plus freewill has to play a part in anyone’s future outcome.

A psychic Advisor, does just that, advises! If their client chooses to ignore that advice or in fact take a different course of action then that will have a big bearing on the outcome of a situation. Love and relationship situations are particularly susceptible to folk hearing advice but choosing to act differently. For example, to soften a situation where a psychic truly believes a relationship is at an end and there is no going back or reconciliation, he or she may advise that it is time to move on and to have a new make-over and a new direction and then if the boyfriend or girlfriend see the new “you” they may want to come back. However, deep down the psychic knows that by moving on, making more of oneself and having a new direction or career change it will mean meeting new people and doing new things and will help the client let go of the previous situation. However, if a client simply ignores that psychic’s advice and carries on trying to hope and believe the psychic is wrong and pines for a lost love, they will only prolong their pain. Often by the time a person has truly moved on the original person they lost cannot catch up anyway as they have moved on so far in life!

So if you feel you want some psychic advice about any situation, business, personal, relationship, family etc. Call one of our friendly and experiences psychics now!

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