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Eta Aquarid

Eta AquaridDo you own a telescope? Now would be a great time to get it into a viewing position, so you could watch the shooting star display that is Eta Aquarids.

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower

The meteor shower is actually caused from debris from Comet Halley; it takes place each year in either April or May as Earth crosses the orbital path of the comet.
Dust and particles will illuminate the sky, which we call Eta Aquarid, producing a magnificent shooting star spectacle.

When to Watch

There could be any number of possibilities to see the event from the 19th May to the 28th May, however in the UK the best dates are probably the night time of the 6th May and early morning of the 7th May. It is likely that at its peak a stargazer may witness thirty meteors. (more…)

Colouring Books – Bring New Meaning to Colour Therapy!

Secret Garden Colouring BookColour Therapy, sometimes called Chromatherapy, Colourology or Light Therapy means to restore good health or improve health by adding or taking away colours from a person’s environment.

Healing through colour has a rich history through the ages, it has been used for thousands of years in China, it makes up part of the Ayurvedic medicine philosophy and Babylonians considered the power of light to me the ‘medicine of the Gods’.

We know that Egyptians used jewellery – amulets of coloured stones to treat different illnesses:



Numerology – Life Path 11

shutterstock_150102302Intuitive, sensitive and deep thinkers, those with the Life Path 11 can count themselves as ‘dreamers’ or ‘spiritual messengers.’

If your Birthday adds to an 11, for example 4 August 1961 we add:

  • 4+8+1+9+6+1 = 29
  • 2+9 = 11

In this case, you would have the Life Path number of: 11

(If you are unsure on how to calculate your Life Path number, refer to our previous post ‘introduction to numerology’). (more…)

Friendship Month

Friendship MonthOur friends are said to be the family we choose.

As a quote by philosopher Aristotle goes: “In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge. They keep the young out of mischief; they comfort and aid the old in their weakness, and they incite those in the prime of life to noble deeds.”

Friends make us all happier and healthier people, and for that reason 1-30th September is recognised in the UK as Friendship Month. (more…)

Introduction to Numerology

Welcome to the world of Numerology! Over the coming months we will be exploring different numbered ‘life paths’ as well as discussing the history, traditions and beliefs held within Numerology. A life path number may reveal important information about a person’s personality; strengths, talents, emotional reactions and inner needs, and these posts may help you discover your soul purpose.

Mothers Day

Happy Mother's DayThe maternal bond is the physical, emotional and loving bond between child and mother. It is the natural instinct for mothers to protect and care for their children. Mother’s day is an occasion where the child can honour their mothers love, support and guidance. Obviously this is something we should always do but the modern celebration of Mothers Day wasn’t invented until 1907. It was Anna Jarvis from West Virginia who held a memorial 2 years after her mother’s death and then began a campaign to make “Mothers Day” a recognised holiday in the US. She was successful in 1914 when it was recognised as a national holiday.  However by the 1920’s she was greatly saddened to see that commercialisation had taken over the holiday and was over shadowing its spirit. Mother’s Day was soon adopted around the world. In the US the date of Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May. In the UK the holiday is also commonly known as Mothering Sunday which is a Christian holiday celebrated on the 4th Sunday of lent. Many other countries around the world celebrate Mothers day on different dates around the year. (more…)

Make 2013 your spiritual year

Meditating WomanDid 2012 feel like you steamed through the year without stopping for a minute to understand your inner path? Spirituality is an important part of being human, often a difficult concept to understand as it encompasses the immaterial world and requires us to understand the essence of who we are and the values by which we live our lives. Taking time to become more spiritual by exploring our minds and understanding our lives can help us have a more inspired appreciation for the universe.  As we have said it is a difficult concept to understand for some people and even more difficult to follow in practice. Because of this we have a few tips which you can incorporate in to your life in 2013 to help you become more spiritual. (more…)

Last chance to take advantage of our holiday offer

Now that you have opened all your presents and are having to loosen the belt after eating large quantities of turkey and Brussels sprouts, don’t forget about our Christmas Offer.

You only have until midnight the 31st December to take advantage of this great offer. £5 OFF EVERY CREDIT CARD READING, this means our 20 minute readings are now only £27.95 (£1.50 per minute thereafter)

To take advantage of this offer Call free phone 0800 138 8847 and quote the code “XMAS 2012” you can use this offer as many times as you like but only before midnight 31st December.

Our Pre-pay service however is available all year round giving you a £2.95 off when you purchase 20 minutes for £30 or 10% bonus minutes when you purchase 40 minutes or more.

Every one as Best Mediums wishes you a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas trees and presents

Happy Holidays Offer

Christmas trees and presentsHave you started buying all of those Christmas presents yet? Are you beginning to feel in the festive spirit? We all certainly are at Best Mediums and we thought we would share some of this festive joy by giving you £5 off every credit card reading.

That means one of our 20 minute readings only costs £27.95 instead of the usual £32.95. This offer is very easy to claim just call 0800 138 8847 and quote the discount code ‘XMAS 2012’.

The offer will be from 1 – 31st December 2012 9am to midnight, there is no limit to the amount of times you can take advantage of this offer.

A psychic reading can be a very insightful experience, so if you have been contemplating contacting one of our psychics then now is the time.


Yin YangI am sure that we have all heard of Karma before but what is its real meaning and where does it originate from. Well to answer the first question it is believed that the concept of Karma originally came from the Shramana religion in ancient India. Shramana gave rise to Buddhism which has Karma at the core of its beliefs. (more…)