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Spirit Category

Finding God, by Sheila, PIN: 4545

Religious CrossI have been working as a medium and a psychic for over twenty years and I love it. My mother and my aunt were both gifted and I grew up being aware of Spirit, so I have always believed, without any doubt whatsoever, that there is so much more to life than meets the eye.

I have long been fascinated about life and why we are here. When thinking about it from a purely physical point of view, as far as a lot of people in the world are concerned, life seems to be one long struggle just to stay alive. It would seem a bit pointless if this were the case and especially if, at the end of that life, you passed away and were no more. But of course there is so much more to life than this, there is a meaning and a purpose behind it, waiting to be discovered. (more…)

All Types of Guides

Angel Wing FeathersThroughout the Best Mediums website and certainly in the reader profiles, you will read references to spirit guides, guardian angels, gods and more – but do you really know what they mean and how they differ from one another?

When you have a medium reading, the person you choose will make contact with their and sometimes your spirit guides in order to channel information about your life, to answer your questions and guide you forward.

Spirit Guides

We all have spirit guides, but you may not be aware of yours, whereas a medium will be highly tuned to listening to theirs. Throughout your life you will be accompanied by your spirit guides, they will watch over you will have done so from your first incarnation, and they will stay with you between incarnation as you return to the soul plane. (more…)

Mediumship by Ellie (Part 2), PIN: 1180

shutterstock_212136709Before you have a reading, you may be interested to know the difference between: Spirit Guides, Angels, Elders and your higher-self as I see things:

SPIRIT GUIDES:  These are people that have passed away. This could be your grandparents, relatives, friends or whoever is watching over you. You may just have one Spirit Guide around you or several. It all depends on what’s going on in your life. It could be that your grandmother is guiding your love life. Your sibling is guiding your career and so on. I can pass on valuable messages from your Spirit Guides that will help you in the journey of your life. You may want to send messages to them, and equally I can do that for you – with pleasure. (more…)

Kate Hudson & Her Mother ‘See Dead People’

Ghostly FigureWhile they may be best known for starring in Hollywood films, it seems that Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn’s talents go way beyond acting.

In a recent interview with Alan Carr on his Channel 4 talk show ‘Chatty Man,’ Kate revealed that both her and her mother possess the ability to ‘see dead people.’ (more…)

England Cricketers Spooked by Haunted Hotel

England cricketersEarlier this summer, it was reported that the England cricket team had been spooked by a ‘presence’ while they were staying in the Langham Hotel in London – one of the worlds most haunted.

The reports aren’t the first of their kind, with as many as seven sightings reported at the hotel in the past.

England Bowler Stuart Broad explained:

‘During the Sri Lanka Test I had to move rooms, it was so hot in the room I just couldn’t sleep. (more…)

Emma Stone is Haunted by Grandfather

Emma StoneSpiderman actress Emma Stone has revealed in a recent interview that she believes she has encountered the spirit of her late Grandfather.

Speaking on The David Letterman Show, the 25 year old told the chat show host that rather than scaring her, her Grandfather reminds her of his presence by leaving her coins for her to find around the house.

Emma was appearing as a guest on the chat show to discuss her role in new Woody Allen movie “Magic in the Moonlight” where she plays a psychic (more…)

Near Death Experiences

Near death experienceHumanity has always wondered about the afterlife, and while none of us really know what’s waiting for us on the other side, near death experiences (NDE’s) may give us a tantalising glimpse.

Historical reports of NDE’s have been recorded for centuries, and the belief in life after death predates recorded history. From ancient Egyptians who believed that life continued in the “Land of the Dead” to modern day Christians who prepare for an afterlife in Heaven, it’s clear that (more…)

How to Maximise August 2014

Maximise AugustAugust is a powerful month for spiritual healing and regeneration.

For children August means a break from schoolwork and studies, but for the rest of us August can be a great chance for a spiritual time out. There is something about the changed pace of the month that makes it easier to dedicate time to spiritual growth and fulfilment. For some, the longer, lighter days invite reflection, whilst for others taking a trip or holiday allows for heightened sensitivity, making August the perfect time (more…)

Clothes Shop Staff Call in Medium

mediumsTerrified staff working at a clothes shop in Torquay were forced to call in a local medium after they became concerned the store was haunted.

It was reported that the strange happenings began after staff entered an unused storeroom. Around seven of the staff working in the fashion store New Look witnessed signs of a spirit presence while they were working including unexplained bangs, footsteps and whisperings.

Haunted Holidays

shutterstock_142746055If you are looking for an unusual holiday this summer then why not think about booking a haunted weekend away?

Whether you’re an open sceptic or true believer, haunted holidays can be a great way to experience the thrill of the paranormal!

Recent findings by YouGov revealed that 52% of people polled in the UK stated they believed in the supernatural, and 1 in 5 had had a paranormal experience, so it’s no surprise that people are now using their holidays to seek out the living dead. (more…)