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Psychics Category

Soul journey and your intuition, by Reader Martyn, PIN: 3322

IntuitionI guess most people throughout the ages since well before the pyramids, and the very first human life walked the Earth have asked these questions:

Why am I here?

Why are we here?

What is the purpose of my life?

What’s it all for?

What’s it all about?

Many people ask these questions, some seek to give their life purpose by obtaining material wealth and possessions, things that make them feel artificially happy, this is often the glue that holds their lives together. (more…)

Medium Reader Karen, PIN: 5791

Best Mediums Reader Karen Pin 5791I am a spiritualist medium and also a Pagan, my journey began at a young age, I was shy, sensitive and also very inquisitive about the other side of life.

I found school difficult and was bullied, so when I got home I retreated into books and found solace in music. I used to read the words of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and wonder what it all meant…I soon found out!

I was called upon to be a medium and I had a lot to learn. I started giving messages to friends and they came to pass much to the disdain of my friends who thought me very spooky.

Life took a turn when I became a mother and I had a tough few years working hard trying to survive; I felt as though I had lessons to learn and this is when my clairvoyant dreams started in earnest.

Marriage and two more children followed just as my dreams predicted, but it was a very difficult pathway and I suffered with depression for a few years. During this time I kept up my sessions at the local spiritualist church and carried on assisting others through my readings. I built up a loyal following and had many return clients; I felt that my past experiences really allowed me to understand others and guide them well. (more…)

Finding God, by Sheila, PIN: 4545

Religious CrossI have been working as a medium and a psychic for over twenty years and I love it. My mother and my aunt were both gifted and I grew up being aware of Spirit, so I have always believed, without any doubt whatsoever, that there is so much more to life than meets the eye.

I have long been fascinated about life and why we are here. When thinking about it from a purely physical point of view, as far as a lot of people in the world are concerned, life seems to be one long struggle just to stay alive. It would seem a bit pointless if this were the case and especially if, at the end of that life, you passed away and were no more. But of course there is so much more to life than this, there is a meaning and a purpose behind it, waiting to be discovered. (more…)

Magic Tablets

Psychic Magic TabletsIf you missed part 1 or part 2 of Lucy’s psychic journey, then click through now. Then read on for her explanation of Magic Tablets!

Tablets of Fate, or Magic Tablets, use the occult significance of numbers to tell the future. They have been popular for at least 400 years in Europe and Britain. They are simple, quick and fun to use. There are a few well-known Tablets: of the Sphinx, of Venus, the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. You can also make your own, more personalised to your own life.

Make your Tablet and have a pointer, e.g. a pencil.

Shut your eyes and concentrate on a question, then turn the tablet three times (or have a friend do this).

Dangle your pointer over the Tablet, focussing continually on your question, and then bring it down.

If you miss the Tablet three times, do not try again for 24 hours.

If the Tablet is reversed, take the Reverse meanings.

Here is the Tablet of Venus. Enjoy! (more…)

Lucy’s Psychic Journey – Part 2

Stained Glass WindowIf you didn’t see the first part of Lucy’s psychic journey, then – click here.

Developing My Gift

To skip a few decades forward from my teens, my psychic development reignited in my early 40s via a lady who came to one of my acupuncture practices: she got chatting about visiting a Spiritualist church, receiving messages, and offered to lend me books as I expressed an interest. There were a few autobiographies of gifted mediums; I did not see myself of their calibre, but my interest was piqued, and I managed to find an open Circle close to my home! It was run by a lovely lady named Michelle; also we had visiting mediums she knew. I soon found Spirit did come around me and at times I was even able to let go enough to channel a little. During channelling you have no concept of what will come out of your mouth – the words just pop out, sometimes forcefully, the deeper you relax. (more…)

Lucy’s Psychic Journey

Psychic Reader Lucy PIN 3565My name is Lucy; I have been doing psychic work for over 20 years, and I have been with Best Mediums for around 15 of those.

The Early Years

My psychic awareness has been ever-present, though as a child I did not know nor understand what I was apprehending. I rapidly learned to keep quiet about what I saw: the light zones beaming on to certain people and areas, our higher guides and influencers, our soul groups. My mother seemed puzzled and troubled as to how a child of 5 or 6 could have read, or been told these things; I was firmly told to take no notice.

Age 6-7, I was doing mini-readings for school mates using playing cards: I would choose a Court figure which I felt represented the child, then lay 3-4 cards randomly around it or over it, as I felt, I’d tell them their present and future! Nothing was taken seriously, but everyone likes a bit of attention, so the kids came for ‘readings’, and I enjoyed it. I recall one little boy I read for, his name was Colin. (more…)

A Silver Lining – Part 2

Psychic Reader MariahBy Reader Mariah, PIN: 1881

If you didn’t read part one of Mariah’s story, then click here first.

Seeing into the future is only fun when it’s good news!

In April I saw my entire year written off, and more importantly a summer indoors with the garden and the house going to pot! Just before all this happened, I was at church enjoying a medium demonstration; he was giving a reading to a lady on the other side of the room, when he suddenly turned to me and said “I have one word for you – ‘surrender’, this is important for you at this time they are telling me,” he pointed upwards, then carried on his reading. I experienced an Uh-Oh sinking feeling but I know guidance is given for a reason. A month later, as the first symptoms kicked in, my sister had a dream, well a visit really, from my Uncle Jimmy in Spirit, who made a point of telling her I was seriously ill. Gently, they were letting me know it was coming… (more…)

A Silver Lining – Part 1

Silver LiningBy Reader Mariah, PIN: 1881

I am sure, dear reader, you are thinking what on earth can she mean?

Is she mad?

How on earth can illness be a gift?

That is certainly what I thought before I contracted whooping cough earlier this year..

Some of you may have noticed I have not been available on the lines for several months. This is because, I might say luckily in an ironic way, the Pertussis, as it’s known to the medical profession, centred on my larynx and I lost my voice completely. It could have been worse and affected my lungs. The Latin name for complete loss of voice is Aphonia, Dysphonia is a croaky voice, and five months later I have the voice of an adolescent boy. (more…)


Change IconChange, by Reader Yianna, PIN: 3242

From the day we are born and take our first breath and open our eyes, we start to learn how to communicate. We start to recognise people and from our very first contact we learn how to gain attention. As each day and year passes we learn to act in a certain way and that conditions how we think and behave in later life.

The most important thing I always point out to people when I do a reading is, know your own self-worth; these are the most important words you should always say to yourself, when going through difficult times in life. (more…)

Hope (PIN: 3203) Talks about Divination (part 2)

lady with crystal ballIf you missed part 1, then click here.

Palmistry is one of my great loves I believe everybody should be able to read their own palm. The hand is where God has written the map of our lives and it can be subject to change as well. I have read hundreds of thousands of palms over nearly 30 years even little children have wonderful palms to read. When I first started doing Palmistry I realised it is actually a science, and I love science. It also developed my mediumship, I think by just holding the hand you can connect with the persons’ energy field and information can come streaming through. (more…)