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Vitamin DTurmeric

In Sanskrit there are 53 names for turmeric, demonstrating just how revered the golden spice is within Indian culture. One such name is ‘Jayanti’ which means to win over diseases; its medicinal history goes back 4000 years. Whilst the spice has been used in Chinese medicine and in Ayurvedic healing the modern world of medicine has been slower to catch on, but in the last 25 years over 3000 studies have been published bringing to light all manner of abilities that the active compound ‘curcumin’ has on health. It has been shown to be anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidising, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial as well as having cancer fighting potential. More studies with humans are needed to fully realise the potential on a medical level, but we already know that cooking with a small amount on a regular basis affects our bodies over time on a genetic level, so adding some into your recipes can only be a good thing. (more…)


Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect’. Fearne CottonMany of you will instantly recognise Fearne Cotton and with good reason as she has been on our television screens since the age of fifteen when she was spotted by the Disney Club (ITV). And of course for her ten years spent hosting live shows on Radio 1, initially alongside Reggie Yates and then alone, and including the coveted delivery of the Top 40 show. She is currently filming Celebrity Juice (its 16th series).

Fearne is an active user of social media and is ranked amongst the world’s 250 most influential ‘tweeters’, she lives in London with her family and her first book was published in June 2016 called ‘Cook Happy, Cook Healthy’. She has now followed this up with a new book titled ‘Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect’. (more…)


Penguin Book: The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way To Live Well by Meik WikingHave you heard of ‘Hygge’, pronounced ‘heurgha’ – well, it is a Danish concept, it doesn’t really have a direct translation but is about taking pleasure in the small things in life – gentle soothing things. It is the difference between a so so day and a special day. It could be as simple as burning a candle, having freshly brewed coffee, or spending time with those you love.

It is easy to dismiss this idea as just another lifestyle fad, but the Danes have actually been embracing hygge since the 18th century, it is only now with a wave of new books that they are trying to spread the word on what it means to a wider audience.

Hygge in essence is enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Studies do show links between feeling gratitude and our overall wellbeing. Perhaps Denmark being voted the happiest country in the world on a regular basis has a lot to do with how they integrate hygge into their everyday lives… (more…)

Past Life Therapy

Past Present FutureReincarnation is a foundation of many religions, but even non-religious people find some comfort in the thought there is a continuation after death. In its simplest terms reincarnation means an individual’s ‘soul’ or ‘essence’ is reborn into the flesh of another body.

It is natural then to want to explore what has happened in a ‘past life’ and see if it holds the answers to some of our problems in a current life… (more…)

Spiritual Holidays

Yoga on the beachIf you are trying to get more in touch with your spiritual side, then you may want an alternative this year to the normal beach holiday. Perhaps you want solitude, healing or just a break from the everyday chaos and demands of life.

Summer, even in the UK offers the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and be more at one with nature, and there is something for everyone’s budget. (more…)


IncenseIncense is actually made from certain resinous trees; the end result being a potent aromatic substance that has been used for centuries for worship, purification, magical rituals and more…

Originally incense was derived from the Boswellia sacra tree in Arabia and the Boswellia papyrifera tree in India, and then to make the incense more fragrant and to increase the thickness of the smoke anywhere between four and thirteen extra ingredients were added.

When used as part of magical rituals incense was preferred over essential oils as the fragrance was carried via the smoke and was more visible and pungent than slower burning oils. (more…)

Earth Chakras

Glastonbury TorThere are sacred sites all over the world, all of which are tied to different cultural and faith belief systems. Visiting these sites allows people to feel and harness their power, and in turn many visitors to a site seems to add to the energy at the sacred place.

What you may not realise however is that many people believe that Earth has chakras just like we do as humans and that certain world sacred sites are associated with the different chakras. (more…)

Love of Wisdom

Wise OwlLove of wisdom is the meaning behind the word ‘Philosophy’. In order to gain wisdom, you must have an enquiring mind and seek answers to your questions. These questions need not be complicated, although sometimes the great questions of our time feel short and simple when asked but the answers are in fact often very complicated indeed – a bit like life really.

Of course in times of trouble many of us seek answers from psychics, and often the question is straightforward – Do they really love me? Are they the one? Will we be together forever? But of course the outcome of those questions can alter the direction of our lives forever…

Any parent will know how enquiring a child’s mind is, especially when they reach that – ‘but why’ phase! But as we age we generally become less engaged and accept what we are told/know to be true. Sometimes this can be because in our heart of hearts we know something, but don’t wish to face it – so it easier to ignore the problem and not ask too many questions… (more…)

Positive Affirmations

Positive AffirmationsHave you ever found yourself saying things like – ‘knowing my luck’, I’m sorry or I’m afraid…The chances are we all have from time to time, but some of us will be stuck with these go-to thoughts in our heads and they translate their energy to our everyday thinking and living.

But it is possible to free yourself from negative thought patterns, and there is much to gain from doing so – improved self-confidence, an increase in productivity and an enhancement of your psychic and spiritual awareness to name a few…

On a daily basis try to use positive affirmations to reinforce good thoughts into your mind and to distance yourself from negative behaviours, people and situations. (more…)

Healing Energy – Part 2

Holding Hands Healing EnergyIf you didn’t see our introduction to healing energy – click here.

Hands on Healing

Hands on healing, is exactly as it sounds – a healer will lay their hands on a patient in order to affect some sort of change in them. This type of healing can’t really be explained by science, but some say it may be connected to a healer concentrating on Chinese acupuncture points in the body, others feel healing occurs as a process of repairing a person’s bio field (the energy that permeates a human body). But perhaps it goes beyond the bio field and changes actually occur within a person’s aura. (more…)